About Me

Lisa Ashworth Fertility Coaching

My journey to having babies...

My fertility journey lasted 10 years in all.  During that time I had 2 relationships, did 5 IVFs and spent hundreds of pounds on the latest 'alternative' therapy that just might get me pregnant!   

It was tough, and they could never find anything major wrong with me, apart from a few cysts on my ovaries and the fact that I was getting on a bit.  (I was 40 when I finally got pregnant).  I'd always worked hard so I was used to getting results.  For me, the most frustrating thing about not getting pregnant was the fact that it was completely out of my control!!

What helped me...

I knew I was getting more and more negative as time went on.  I found it hard to imagine myself pregnant and I went into treatments with a gut feeling that it wouldn't happen to me.  I knew this wasn't helping, but it was a vicious circle.

Finally I learnt some mindset techniques that changed my life, and made me realise how my negativity was setting me back.  Using these techniques I was able to get my life back together, get clear about my plan and I started to feel happy again, enjoying my life just as it was.  

We decided to have one last go at IVF (my husband had to persuade me!) and not only did it work, but one of the two embryos split and so I became pregnant with triplets at 40!  We now have 3 beautiful children and I don't think it was any coincidence that the year I sorted out my mindset was the year I got pregnant.

My background...

I'm a qualified coach and HR Professional.  I have been coaching people for over 10 years and I have a passion for helping others and seeing them become their very best self. 


I will never forget what I went through, and now I am passionate about helping other women on the same journey.

My aim to is to help you plan your fertility journey, manage your mindset, and be supported by someone who really does know what you're going through.