Fertility & your mindset

Trying for a baby can mess with your head...

Stress, anxiety, anger, grief, frustration, loss of self-esteem.....

These are just some of the many emotions women experience when they are going through a fertility struggle.

In fact a Harvard study showed that half of women going through fertility treatment said it was the most upsetting experience of their lives.  And I don't need to tell you why.  We were put on this earth to reproduce, and we just kind of expect that we'll be able to do it when the time is right, don't we?

So when we find we can't, we experience all kinds of emotions - there's the worry about whether it will happen this month or next, the stress from the pressure of fertility treatments, the anxiety about what the future will hold if we can't be a Mum, and of course the feelings of loss for a baby we want so badly.  

Relax, say our well-meaning friends.  Just chill out.... Easier said than done.  

And so what affect is all this stress having on our body?

Does stress affect fertility?

The general feeling is that it does, but experts are still trying to work out exactly how.

Studies show that women going through fertility treatment have higher levels of some of the stress hormones like cortisol and alpha amylase.  The female hormone system is such a delicate balance and these stress hormones have been shown to impact the reproductive system and upset some of the normal functions - such as ovulation and blood flow to uterus - both necessary for fertility.   

Exactly what impact the stress hormones have is still being researched, but there is more and more evidence emerging to suggest that being less stressed has a positive impact on your fertility.  

Therefore most practitioners advise that anything you can do to reduce your stress levels when trying for a baby is a good thing.  

How can coaching help?

Coaching can be an outlet for your feelings and emotions, and can help you focus on a positive action plan, rather than dwelling on the negative side of what's happening.  As a result you feel more relaxed, more in control and more positive about your journey...... which is good news for the balance of our hormones.

With my fertility coaching I also use some other techniques to help you manage your emotions and control the negative self-talk going on inside your head.