what my clients say...

Emma, Kent

"Lisa was instrumental in me making the decision to try again, and in keeping  me strong throughout it all.   I pinch myself now and can't thank her enough for all her support."

Manda, West Sussex

"I had been trying for 5 years when I met Lisa.  She was so supportive and encouraging, helping me stay positive and focused throughout my treatment - thank you, without your support it would have been a lot harder."

Lara, Surrey

"I loved having Lisa as a coach.  I felt really comfortable talking to her.  She helped me recognise some things that had been holding me back, and some fears that I didn't realise had been limiting me."

Claire, West Sussex

"Working with Lisa was a joy and a pleasure, I found it very easy to talk to her about my challenges.  I was really pleased with the impact the coaching had, it made me reflect and delve deep to find out some big questions I needed to answer myself. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lisa's coaching".

Liz, East Sussex

"Thank you Lisa for all your positivity, I found our sessions to be really useful and I love the changes I've made to my life."

Kirsty, Surrey

"I thought I would be focusing on the practical elements of getting pregnant, but during my first session it became clear I needed to focus on my belief in my ability to become pregnant. 

 Lisa did incredibly well handling my raw emotions and these beliefs are now challenged by much more positive thinking."